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November 17, 2016
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Key Elements of Aviation Law

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Aviation Law may seem straightforward. It is the branch of law surrounding flight, air travel, and any legal and business concerns related to them. However, there are a few nuanced elements that go into the law practice. Insight into these details offers a more practical understanding of how Aviation law can offer you assistance in your field. Here are a few descriptions on our Aviation Law Sectors and Practice Areas, straight from West Palm Beach’s RLC Lawyers and Consultants.


Aviation Practice Areas

Our essential practice areas in Aviation law includes the following: Aircraft Leasing & Financing, Aircraft Acquisition & Sales, Aviation Litigation, General Commercial Litigation, and Mechanic’s Liens & Payment Bond Claims. These areas are applied to various needs, such as aircraft accidents, aircraft transactions, and FAA enforcement actions. Each opportunity that comes our way is directed to whichever area of practice it fits into.


Aviation Law Sectors

West Palm Beach’s RLC employs lawyers and consultants that are each specialized in various fields. For the lawyers concerned with Aviation Law, they specialize in the following: General Aviation Operations; Corporate Flight Department Operations; Aircraft Maintenance; Airport Operations; NTSB Crash Investigation; Fixed Base Operations; Aviation Safety; Transportation Security; Military Aviation Operations; Airman Certification, Air Traffic Control Services, Commercial Aviation Operations, Aeromedical Certification, Aircraft Accident/Incident Litigation, Aircraft Transactions, FAA Pilot Enforcement, Hazardous Materials Handling, Aircraft Evaluation, Aircraft Purchase, Sale & Lease, Aircraft Insurance & Registration, Air Carrier Certification, and Flight Schools.


Importance of Each Department

As you can see, that is a lot of departments to know about. However, each of these jobs is essential to making sure that the Aviation industry functions properly. Any mistake or injustice that results from the industry can stem from one of these departments, even the more nuanced ones that no one considers. For instance, Aircraft accidents may be obvious law concerns, but fixed base operations are often forgotten. However, we at RLC believe that each department, no matter how big or small, can define one’s life if a legal challenge arises. Therefore, proper Aviation Law needs to be well versed in the nature of each of these elements. And that is where we come in.


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