Insurance Law

RLC has many years of experience dealing with insurance law in the state of Florida. Some areas of insurance law that we can help you with are:

Insurance Receivership Law

The challenges of insurance receivership law are unique in every situation, and therefore require a specific plan of action from your insurance attorney. The insurance lawyers at RLC are highly knowledgeable and experienced in this regard, and treat each case with a unique and targeted legal strategy.

Bad Faith Insurance law

If you suspect that your insurance company has wrongfully cancelled your policy or was unreasonable in its handling of your claim, the insurance lawyers at RLC are here to provide you legal support. We will make sure that your insurance company abides by the laws set forth by the state of Florida.

Personal Injury

If you have been subjected to a personal injury and need to collect, our insurance lawyers will fight for what is owed to you. Dealing with insurance companies is always a hassle and having proper legal representation is often the only way to go about resolving insurance issues. Unpaid medical bills, money owed from time off from work, and permanent injury settlements are all areas in which our insurance lawyers can help.