How an Aviation Lawyer Will Help You Acquire an Aircraft

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How an Aviation Lawyer Will Help You Acquire an Aircraft

how aviation lawyers can help you?

Hiring an aviation lawyer to assist you in the purchase of an aircraft is critical to a successful deal. The steps involved in acquiring an aircraft are lengthy and complex; completing them under the guidance of an attorney is best practice. Your aviation lawyer will help you in the following areas

Develop Purchase Strategy

Your aviation lawyer can help you develop a strategy and timeline for market research, pre-purchase inspections, closing terms, and delivery location. They can arrange for any test flights prior to offering to purchase.

Letter of Intent

Your lawyer will draw up your letter of intent to make an offer on any aircrafts you are interested in.


It’s a relief to know that you have an aviation lawyer on your side to negotiate a fair deal. They will have done any necessary market research and fight on your behalf for the best terms possible.

Formal Documents

Your attorney will be responsible for preparing any legal documents associated the sale of the aircraft. They will draw up an Aircraft Purchase Agreement and present it to the seller and their council and work through any problems associated with the presented terms. They will also prepare either an acceptance or rejection document.

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