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January 26, 2017
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February 23, 2017
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The Strengths of having a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

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With foreclosures being as inconvenient as they are, the idea of stopping your foreclosure might not seem that realistic at times. However, Chapter 13 allows you the opportunity to cease the foreclosure and properly catch up on your arrears. However, you will often come across a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy attorney that only does the bare minimum of work needed for your Bankruptcy plan. Here are just a few ways that by having a proper Chapter 13 Bankruptcy attorney, you will not have to deal with the headaches and problems that come when trying to handle this alone or with an attorney who is barely there for you.


Dangers of a weak attorney

A common type of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy attorney is one that will only come in as a hired gun to file the case and then leave once the Plan is confirmed. Now, what happens if complications arise once the plan is in place? What if changes need to be made to the plan? This situation is even worse without an attorney to begin with.


By your side the whole time

But you won’t have to worry about me leaving you in the dust. As your attorney, I will be able to inform you of all of the turns, surprises, and opportunities that arise from Chapter 13 cases. And even when life happens and circumstances come up that you did not expect, I will be able to instruct you in the wisest course of action for each situation (i.e. change of income).


Shared responsibilities

The important thing to remember is that there is far more to chapter 13 bankruptcy just deciding on regular payments. You will need a full understanding of the technicalities and circumstances that arise from following through with the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case. But why put yourself through all of that stress? Don’t you have a life to take care of? Why not let me worry about the fine print and legal complications? You can focus on making your payments as planned while I guide you through the most reasonable course of action.


For more information on how I can get started as your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy attorney, please contact RLC Bankruptcy today. For more information on the Chapter 13 overview and filling process, see our resources page here.