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December 15, 2016
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The Importance of having a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is probably the most iconic and common form of bankruptcy in the United States. It is the opportunity for an individual to release themselves from any debts yet to be handled. However, one shouldn’t rely solely on the guarantee of bankruptcy for any circumstance. The specific financial circumstances for businesses require a different level of expertise for each case. The right bankruptcy lawyer is essential in those cases. Here are a few ways that a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyer can save you a whole heap of trouble in your financial future.



The first thing that our Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer will do for you is that they will advise you on what you need in order to be eligible for bankruptcy in the first place. These requirements include getting a pre-filing credit counseling certification, as well as completing a “means testing” program.



Once you finish filing, you will have to wait six weeks before attending a meeting of creditors. We will be with you throughout the whole meeting and will fight to make sure that everything flies smoothly without any hassle. It is usually a short meeting and we record the questions asked of you in case they are needed later. About four months after the filing of the case, your discharge will finally be given to you.


Bankruptcy Discharge

This discharge will shield you from any personal liability or collection actions targeted against you. You will finally be free from the debts. Any exceptions will be handled between us in terms of what is available with a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy discharge.


With the way the economy is, bankruptcy is, unfortunately, a needed solution to financial instability. However, one should never be afraid of how they’ll be treated when filing for bankruptcy. There are plenty of creditors that want to help you as much as you help them. Then again, there are others that are looking to swindle you out of more than you are rightfully capable of. As a businessman or woman, no one should take advantage of you in your financial need. That is why RLC’s Chapter 7 Bankruptcy lawyers are here for you.